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Sue and Shei,  Glam Bridal Co-Owners and


Our names are Sue and Shei, we are sisters and we are the co-owners and creators of Glam Suits and Gowns and the Glam Bridal and Formal brand.

We grew up in a household where we create everything from scratch, more specifically, we sew many of our clothes and soft furnishings using our mother's old foot-pedaled sewing machine. From school uniforms to formal dresses to pajamas and curtains, everyone in our family, including our father and three brothers, knows how to cut fabrics and sew them together into functional pieces. We also like to recycle materials from old clothes and excess fabrics, and had carried this habits well into our adulthood.  Hence, it's not so much of a surprise that even when we each have our chosen professions, we still love creating attire pieces and offering them to people who would enjoy wearing them. 

In many things that we do, we are greatly influenced by our parent's ingenuity and  resourcefulness. They are the original serial entrepreneurs in our family and our inspirations in many things that we do, including Glam Bridal and Formal.

Sue Silvestre,  Glam Bridal Designer & C


Glam Bridal and Formal has started as a family business in 2016. In its over 4 years of operations, it has evolved into a recognized brand  in the bridal fashion industry. In addition to family members who help out during their free times, we have professional staff to serve our customers and we collaborate with selected factories and other talented individuals to bring our ideas to life and to our client community.  

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